Dashboard Feature Highlight

The Saltbox project dashboard provides a quick reference to all projects, highlighting key projects per environment.

Integrations dashboards show a high-level summary of each project and its workflows, providing a quick entry point to view or edit a workflow’s details.

Feature Description
Environment Selector (1) Select an environment to see all projects in that environment.
  • Production - Production projects may be flagged as "Live" or not. Live production projects are given priority during support incidents.
  • Staging - Available to Enterprise subscriptions only. Staging projects are a way to preview changes and are generally stable or need validation prior to roll-out to production.
  • UAT - Available to Enterprise subscriptions only. UAT (User Acceptance Testing) projects are in the testing phase and may be changed frequently.
  • Development - Development projects are generally under revision and are not expected to be on an active schedule.
Project Name Filter (2) Filter by project name using this quick search filter. Only projects in this environment will be displayed.
Failed Transaction Count (3) This widget links to recently failed messages, allowing an admin to respond to failures as they arise.
Project Alerts (4) Project connectors and templates are updated regularly. When an update is available for a project, that update is flagged here.
Pinned Projects (5) Pin a project to make it appear before other projects, making favorites easier to find.
Project Name Link (6) Open a project using this link.
Time Filter (7) Use the time filters to view messages only within the selected time frame.
Engine Status (8) Engines are responsible for running workflows. When an engine is Running (green), workflows are processed within that engine’s project. When an engine is Stopped (red), no workflows are processed within that engine’s project. To start, restart, or stop an engine, navigate to any page within the project.
Workflow Details (9-13) Workflow details are displayed on the lower right, with information including:
  1. Workflow State - Green for active, gray for inactive. Only active workflows are executed.
  2. Workflow Name - Use this link to open the workflow designer.
  3. Messages - A count of all workflow messages, both processed and enqueued. This number links to the workflow's messages page.
  4. In Process - A count of messages actively being processed by the workflow.
  5. Fail - A count of failed messages. This number links to the workflow's messages page.