Implementing Workflows using Universal API Connector

Universal API Connector is a general-purpose connector that supports integrations with standards-compliant REST APIs, including Act CRM, Zoho CRM, ProCore and many, many more!

Implementations that use the Universal API Connector cover a wide range of use cases and business goals.

Connector Configuration

Because the Universal API Connector is general-purpose, there are many vendors that can be accessed by this connector. Use the Authentication Type required by the vendor and fill in the details, including connection parameters.

Each distinct service accessed through Connector Configuration is a separate connection, providing support for integrations between multiple vendors. For example, if you wish to integrate Zoho CRM with a custom in-house API, one configuration would point to Zoho CRM and a second would point to the custom API, resulting in two connections. Usage of the Universal API Connector to access multiple services does not alter Saltbox’s per connection licensing approach.

Workflow Trigger

The Universal API Connector provides a general-purpose message source to retrieve data from API routes. Configure the settings as indicated by the vendor (e.g., an operation path with filter parameters).

For technical details, visit Universal API Workflow Trigger Reference.


The Universal API Connector supplies general-purpose API actions, including Get by ID, Insert, Update, and Delete.

Configuration options include:

  • API End Point / Operation Path is the API path to perform the indicated action. This is usually documented on the vendor’s API website.
  • Content Type indicates what format of data the connector should expect, for example JSON or XML.
  • Filter Parameters are optional parameters that may be passed to the header or in the query route to filter data.

For technical details, visit Universal API Action Reference.