WooCommerce Connector Reference

Connect an integration to WooCommerce using the WooCommerce Connector for Saltbox.

Golden Workflows

WooCommerce Golden Workflows integrate your WooCommerce web store with an ERP system (such as SAP Business One or Sage Intacct):

  • Orders (WooCommerce to ERP)
    • The SAP Business One version of this workflow includes creation of a corresponding A/R Down Payment Invoice document and Incoming Payment document.
  • Deliveries (ERP to WooCommerce)
    • This workflow includes tracking information.
  • A/R Invoice to Order Tracking (ERP to WooCommerce)
    • This is an alternative flow for deliveries.
  • Products/Items (ERP to WooCommerce)
  • Inventory (ERP to WooCommerce)

For technical details on how to implement WooCommerce Golden Workflows, see Implementing Workflows for WooCommerce Connector.

Release Notes for WooCommerce Connector