Universal API Connector Reference

Universal API Connector supports integrations with standards-compliant APIs, including ACT CRM, ProCore, ZohoCRM, and many, many more!

For walkthroughs and setup examples, see Universal API Implementation Walkthroughs.

Upgrade Notes

Version 1 to version 2+

Version 2 of the Universal Connector was a brand-related update, ensuring consistent naming of actions, triggers, and message formats.

When upgrading this connector from version 1 to version 2+, no direct upgrade is possible due to the change in connector name. Instead, migration of triggers and actions is required, as outlined below.

To upgrade the Universal API Connector version 1 to version 2 (or higher):

  • Stop the engine using the “Graceful Shutdown” option. This may take several minutes while the engine finishes processing any in-process messages.
  • Install the new connector version without removing the old connector version. This allows you to migrate settings as much as possible.
  • In each workflow’s Trigger section, if the trigger source is from the Universal API, update the trigger and trigger settings including Raw Message Format settings.
  • In each workflow’s Designer section, update any Universal API actions as follows:
    • Edit the action.
    • In the “Action” drop-down, select the same action under the new UniversalAPI connector (previously labelled as GenericAPI).
    • Update an settings impacted by the change in version.
    • Save the workflow.
  • Once all workflows are updated, remove the old version of the connector.
  • Start the engine.

Release Notes for Universal API Connector