Error Codes for Integrations

Error Code Description                              
This is a generic error that indicates something has gone wrong while attempting to fetch “Workflow Message” or “Workflow Message Data” triggers.   This error occurs when a connection cannot be made to Service Layer during “Workflow Message” or “Workflow Message Data” triggers.   This indicates that Service Layer responded, but with no data.   This error is encountered when a map has not been configured, when a map is not used but “Request Body” field has been omitted, or when the result of a mapping is empty. To resolve this error, ensure mappings are configured or that a valid “Request Body” has been manually provided.   A “Stack trace” message follows the action’s technical name when an unknown error has occurred. Investigate the issue by reviewing logged details found after the equals sign.   This error response occurs when Service Layer is unable to communicate with the Saltbox Query Extension installed in Hana Studio. When this error occurs, restart Service Layer.