Warnings for SAP Business One Connectors

The information below is meant to aid in advanced configuration and provide context for warnings found in Saltbox Integrations related to SAP Business One.

Query Inserts

When adding a query to SAP Business One Connectors (either using Hana/Service Layer and SQL/B1WebAPI), these queries are constructed in the B1 client by end users. As a result, they can sometimes contain insert or update commands. These commands can invalidate your SAP Business One warranty if done improperly.

For example, under the scope of SAP Business One warranties you cannot update a document (such as the document’s total) via a database query, as this circumvents journal entry creation that corresponds to document updates; doing so will result in data corruption as the journal entries no longer match the data.

As a result, queries are intended for read-only data selection, not data inserts or updates.