Data retention policy added to support “Delete Immediately”

A new data retention policy option may be applied to a workflow to “delete immediately” - applying to each message that’s successfully processed.

Note that data is deleted, but the system retains basic information about the processing of that data, such as message trace details (but without any data). For example, the fact that a message was processed, how long it took to be processed, that the message was successfully or unsuccessfully processed, the path that was taken by the message through the workflow, etc.

If configured, a data-specific ID will also persist beyond deletion of the data, however this is an optional setting that must be opted into through configuration. If desired (and by default), a randomized GUID may be used to identify each message. This can be configured by clearing the workflow trigger’s ID Path field. To do this, go to the Workflow Trigger page, and delete the ID Path, if set, as shown below.