HubSpot Connector Updated

HubSpot Connector version 4.0.0 provides support for both V2 and V3 HubSpot APIs in one Connector. This version also resolves an issue identified in HubSpot v3 Connector version 1.2.0: Custom fields are not returned in triggered data (40803).

This version contains breaking changes. See Upgrade Notes below.

New Features



Bug Fixes

Upgrade Notes

To support both versions of the HubSpot API concurrently (v2 and v3), this version of the HubSpot Connector contains the following breaking changes:

HubSpot API version 3 actions have been incorporated into the HubSpot Connector version 4, however there is not a direct upgrade path. Instead, actions and triggers that support the HubSpot v3 API version require manual updates.

Upgrade instructions are found below.

Upgrading the Connector

Upgrading Workflows

For each workflow:

Removing outdated Connector version

For HubSpot v3 Connector version 1 only, the stale version of this Connector will need to be removed. Upgrades from HubSpot Connector version 2 or 3 can ignore this step if the HubSpot v3 Connector is not installed concurrently.

Only perform this update after the HubSpot Connector has been fully upgraded (including workflow triggers and actions).